CORE SWEAT BENCH (awesome Bench Ca 45102 #6)

Photo 6 of 6CORE SWEAT BENCH (awesome Bench Ca 45102 #6)

CORE SWEAT BENCH (awesome Bench Ca 45102 #6)

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bench (bench),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a long seat for several persons: a bench in the park.
  2. a seat occupied by an official, esp. a judge.
  3. such a seat as a symbol of the office and dignity of an individual judge or the judiciary.
  4. the office or dignity of various other officials, or the officials themselves.
    • the seat on which the players of a team sit during a game while not playing.
    • thequality and number of the players of a team who are usually used as substitutes: A weak bench hurt their chances for the championship.
  5. [Informal.]See  bench press. 
  6. Also called  workbench. the strong worktable of a carpenter or other mechanic.
  7. a platform on which animals are placed for exhibition, esp. at a dog show.
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  11. berm (def. 2).
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  4. to cut away the working faces of (a mine or quarry) in benches.
  5. to remove from a game or keep from participating in a game: to be benched because of poor hitting.
benchless, adj. 

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